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Meet our Staff!

Jeff Stober- Business Owner

Jeff has been heavily involved in the business since its early days of operation when he was a little kid. While growing up, Jeff learned the importance of the business and graduated from The Ohio State University in Agriculture Business Management. Currently, Jeff acts as our leading salesman and keeps the business running in a very fine tune. He is also now the president of the business.

Jim Pahl- Field Technician

Being the newest member of our team, Jim is one of the most skilled mechanics anyone could ask to have working for them! Originally graduating from Ayersville High School and studying Diesel Mechanics at Four County Career Center, Jim has been around farm equipment his whole life and is very experienced in his work. To this day Jim owns and operates his own farm just outside of Holgate!

Alayne Weber- Office Manager

Having been involved in the business since the days when Jeff and Earl's wives retired from the office, Alayne knows her way in and out of the business. She takes care of all of the daily office duties. Without her, we would have a very hard time staying organized!

Mike Rosebrock- Part Time Lead Mechanic

Having worked for us for many years, Mike is our most experienced service technician. After retiring 2 years ago, he comes in to assist when we need extra help around the store. Mike has also been professionally trained and can figure out nearly any problem your piece of equipment may have. He may even find some you don't know about!

Brad Blasius- Parts Manager

 Brad is our parts manager and can help you find any part you may need for your equipment. If he can not find it in our store, he can order it online and have it directly mailed right to your doorstep! 

Rex Leaders- Lawnmower Mechanic

Having also worked for us previously, Rex also knows his way around the business. He currently works wherever he is needed around the store. He is also our lead lawn mower mechanic. With being certified for many years, Rex can solve nearly any problem and restore your mower to its previously "like-new" condition. 

Jarrod Stober- Maintenance Personal

Being in college, Jarrod mainly helps in the summer. When he is home, Jarrod helps do many things throughout the business to keep it functioning. Whether it is helping Jakob, mowing lots, cleaning, washing equipment or anything else, he will always get the job done. Jarrod also takes care of a lot of the online sales and updating of inventory while helping in the parts department in the store.

Jakob Stober- IT Maintenance

Being Jeff's second and youngest grandson, Jakob takes care of all of the IT work around the store. He maintains the computers and software while also intergrades new technology for the employees to use. Currently, he splits a lot of the inventory updating with his older brother Jarrod. Jakob also helps do odd jobs around the store such as mowing and cleaning.

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